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“We do not take over the authority of the personal representative; rather we assist them through the tasks associated with estate administration.”

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Estate administration responsibilities of the Personal Representative may include:

  • Obtaining personal information of all heirs
  • Securing all of the decedent’s property/assets
  • Collecting payment due the estate
  • Verify all claims against the estate
  • Paying the decedent’s debts
  • Follow Probate Court directives

Responsibilities I can assist the Personal Representative with include, but are not limited to:

  • Attend initial client interview with responsible attorney
  • Discussion regarding the property/assets of the decedent to assess probate assets from non-probate
  • Apply to the Internal Revenue Service for federal taxpayer identification number for the estate
  • Prepare IRS Form W-9
  • Obtain/refer for appraisals to determine date of death values
  • Prepare the estate inventory for Court filing
  • Work with banks, stock brokers, insurance companies, etc., to secure the transfer of decedent’s assets pursuant to the Will or state statute
  • Prepare Affidavit of Domicile, Stock Powers forms, motor vehicle title transfers and other instructions relative to property/asset transfers
  • Prepare Sales Disclosure for transfer of decedent’s real estate
  • Assist in the preparation of placing the decedent’s residence and/or rental property on the market for sale
  • File life insurance claims
  • Track estate income and disbursements
  • Prepare estate accounting (receipts, disbursements and remaining assets) for Court filing
  • Prepare consents and receipts for fee approval and distributions received


An hourly rate is charged. An initial deposit is required then applied to completed work. An invoice will be provided detailing the activity and spent time. You will be billed for out-of-pocket expenses incurred on your behalf such as transfer fees, certification expenses, extraordinary photocopying charges, overnight delivery services, postage and extraordinary postage.



Christina Becker


Estate Settlement Specialists, LLC is owned and managed by Christina A. Becker, who has over 14 years of experience in Trust & Estate Administration.

In 1994, Christina graduated from Indiana University in South Bend with an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice.  She then received her Bachelor’s Degree from Ball State University, Muncie in 1996 where she majored in the ABA approved Legal Studies program.

After completing her Bachelor degree, Christina began her career in the Trust Department of a large national bank.   Christina successfully completed Trust I-III with Cannon Financial Institute and earned the CORE Registered Paralegal designation in 2013.  Additionally, she earned the designation of Accredited Trust Operations Professional in 2013.

Christina’s professional memberships include the Indiana University South Bend Paralegal Advisory Board, Michiana Paralegal Association and Elkhart County Estate Planning Council.  Born, raised and residing in Elkhart with her husband of over seventeen years and their two sons. Christina is a dedicated board member of the Pinewood Elementary PTO, Osolo Little League and Junior Achievement volunteer.

Estate Settlement Specialists, LLC

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